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Vehicular Manslaughter Sentencing and Charges

Vehicular Manslaughter Sentencing and ChargesThe charges one receives for vehicular manslaughterstatesSince drunk driving is the number one cause of deaths related to vehicles, anyone with a vehicular manslaughter and DUI conviction will most likely face the highest punishment possible. The influence of alcohol though, doesn’t have to be involved to provide such a tough charge. A driver can be found criminally negligent under the law which has the potential to impose the highest level of punishment as well. 

One instance of criminal negligence  would be, if a driver is driving around with friends; recklessly, speeding, disregarding traffic signs/lights and they get into an accident. In this accident, someone in the other vehicle or their own is killed, that driver can be charged with vehicular manslaughter and face the consequences accordingly. The two ways vehicular manslaughter can be charged is as a misdemeanor or felonyjudicial discretionFor most accused, it is hard to avoid steep penalties in any DUI conviction, and while also being charged with vehicular manslaughter, the consequences are often dire. In some cases, if a person has a very aggressive, and extremely experienced defense attorney, they can portray mitigating factors to the court in an attempt.