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Wyoming Traffic Fines

Wyoming Traffic Fines

Wyoming Traffic Law
Wyoming traffic fines can either classify as lenient or heavy depending on the charge.  Some violations carry very heavy WY traffic fines and even the suspension of a license.  A police officer will normally determine the value of the fine based upon numerous circumstances like the location of the violation, the number of violations you’ve had in the past, and whether you put anyone in danger because of your actions.  The Wyoming traffic fines also come with numerous surcharges, so the penalties often appear higher than one might expect.  As in most states, a person can challenge their Wyoming traffic fine by appealing and testifying in front of a judge.  However, there are no guarantees that a judge will reduce your fine.
Serious Offenses
In some cases, you may lose your license within the state of Wyoming even if it’s your first offense.  If you put a person in danger because of your actions, and especially if you do in fact injure a person, you will undoubtedly have your license suspended for any amount of time.  The following offenses usually result in a person losing their license in the state of WY:
• DUI and DWI offenses
• Fleeing the scene of an accident
• Reckless driving
• Homicide or assault by vehicle
• Receiving a felony charge in relation to operating the vehicle
• Refusal of a sobriety test
• Operating a commercial vehicle with BAC of 0.04% or more
Wyoming Traffic Fines
The state of Wyoming has very detailed provisions concerning traffic fines.  Additionally, each WY traffic fine has surcharges placed on the base fine too.  In Wyoming, surcharges include a $20 fee for court costs, $10 for a court automation fee, and a $10 civil legal services fee.  If you want to view a complete list of the fines, research the  State of Wyoming’s Revised Uniform Bail and Forfeiture Schedule.  The list below is not a complete list, but the fines are common, and each fine does not have surcharges attached:
1) Refusal to obey officer- at least $70
2) Obstructing driver’s view- at least $70
3) Driving on sidewalk- at least $70
4) Following too closely- at least $70
5) Passing in no-passing zone- at least $120
6) Driving over median- at least $70
7) Use of handheld device to email or text while driving- $75
8) Speeding- 21 to 25 over equals $57 to $65; 26 to 30 mph over equals at least $150 to $190; 31 to 36 at least $250 to $300; 37 to 46 over at least $310 to $400
9) Driving too slowly- at least $70
10) Parking on highway- at least $70
11) Failure to report over $1,000 property damage of injury- at least $220
12) Operating with suspended license- at least $420
13) Passing flashing school bus- at least $420
14) Hitchhiking- at least $70
15) Not stopping at railroad crossing- at least $70
16) Improper use of flares and other warning devices- at least $70