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How Does a DUI Affect Car Insurance Rates?

How Does a DUI Affect Car Insurance Rates?

DUI Fine Types

A DUI charge is notoriously known for incurring some expensive fines that are imposed from the court. However, the expenses in regards to a DUI charge will not end there. 
One aspect that is sometimes overseen by many that have been convicted of DUI is that insurance rates will be affected as a result. DUI and car insurance rates will prove to aspects that do not work very well together in the eyes of insurance companies. Insurance rates will undoubtedly be increased as a result of a DUI charge.

Fine Procedures

DUI and auto insurance can prove to be a very frustrating situation. The first thing that will occur is that after a DUI conviction, the auto insurance company will be notified, and thus, a person will be labeled as a “high risk driver.” This label essentially allows insurance companies to increase rates because under such a classification, a driver is more susceptible to be involved in an accident or incur costs to the insurance company. 
In many cases, higher insurance rates may be the desirable outcome, for DUI and car insurance will sometimes lead to the company canceling an insurance policy as a result of a DUI conviction.
Effect of DUI Fines on Insurance Rates

Furthermore, DUI and auto insurance can prove to be more like oil and water, for many insurance companies will simply not provide coverage to a person that has been convicted of DUI charge. 
This may entail an intensive search for high risk insurance companies that specialize in providing coverage to such drivers. However, insurance rates and premiums should be expected to be at least twice, if not three times, as high as before the DUI conviction.