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Connecticut Traffic Fines

Connecticut Traffic Fines

Guide to Connecticut Traffic Fines
If you are ticketed for a traffic offense in Connecticut, you may be wondering how big a fine you can expect to be assessed.  Connecticut traffic fines are, for the most part, quite reasonable, and this guide can help you to understand the full consequences of traffic violations in Connecticut (which may extend beyond fines in some cases).  You can use this guide to understand roughly how much you can expect your traffic fine to be.
Remember as you read this guide that these fines are for first-time offenders without aggravating factors.  It is much harder to predict Connecticut traffic fines for habitual offenders, or people who have aggravated a driving offense by driving aggressively, causing an accident, or endangering others.  Your fine may also vary depending on municipality.  The numbers included in this guide are only guidelines and maximums, rather than definite amounts you will be charged.
Civil Infractions and Misdemeanors
Most minor traffic offenses in Connecticut are punished only with Connecticut traffic fines, license points, and possible suspended licenses.  These violations are called civil infractions, because they are handled in the civil court system with no possibility of jail time.  Most tickets are for civil infractions, and you can usually find out from your ticket whether you have been charged with a civil infraction.
Misdemeanors are much more serious.  If you are charged with a misdemeanor, even for a traffic offense, you can go to jail.  It is much more likely that you will only be assessed with Connecticut traffic fines, even for a misdemeanor, if you are a first-time offender.  You may want to talk to a Connecticut traffic lawyer about your options for fighting a misdemeanor charge or bargaining down to a civil infraction.
Speeding Tickets in Connecticut
If you are charged with speeding in Connecticut for the first time, you should be thankful—it has one of the lowest maximum tickets for first-time speeding offenders in the nation.  You will never owe more than $50 for a first-time speeding offense (unless you were also charged with reckless driving or another traffic offense as well) in the state.  You'll also only get one point assessed on your license (you need 10 for your license to be suspended).
It is a sign of Connecticut's lenient ticketing attitude toward speeders that it's actually more expensive to be caught going too slow.  If you are impeding traffic by going at a too-low speed, you can expect to be assessed Connecticut traffic fines of at least $75 and have two points added to your license.
Running Red Lights/Stop Signs
Stop signs can be easy to miss, and you may have just missed the yellow, but in Connecticut, these are considered serious moving violations that carry a penalty of $124 in Connecticut traffic fines for first time offenders.  You'll probably also see a significant increase to your insurance premiums.
You may be able to have your ticket dismissed entirely, or have your Connecticut traffic fines reduced, by attending a traffic school.  You may wish to call and ask about this possibility at a court contact phone number on a ticket you are issued.