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Finding the Best Breathalyzer with Breathalyzer Reviews
Personal breathalyzer devices are becoming and more popular for DUI prevention as well as an education tool. A breathalyzer shows an individual’s blood alcohol content, or BAC. An accurate BAC can help individuals make better decisions about driving as well as what when to stop drinking.
Personal breathalyzer devices vary greatly in size, design, technology, and price. Depending on what qualities are more important to a buyer, a certain one may be a better fit for the consumer. When looking at breathalyzer reviews, it is important to consider what the breathalyzer will be used for. Some questions to consider are:
Will the breathalyzer be used by multiple people?
Are exact, precise results necessary or is a positive or negative alcohol presence sufficient?
Are any users diabetic or currently on a low calorie diet?

Breathalyzer Reviews for Those with Fuel Cell Technology
For a breathalyzer with superior accuracy and precision, the device should use fuel cell sensor technology. These breathalyzers are also used by law enforcement due to their accuracy at higher BAC levels, lack of false positives for low calorie or diabetic individuals, and they require less maintenance than breathalyzers with semiconductor sensors. Examples of breathalyzers that use fuel cell alcohol testers include:
Lifeloc FC10 Alcohol Tester
BACtrack Element
BACtrack S75 Pro
BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer
According to breathalyzer reviews, these are some of the more affordable and popular fuel cell breathalyzers. These models can be purchased by the public despite being professional grade. Other breathalyzers that use fuel cell technology include the AlcoMate AccuCell AL9000 handheld breathalyzer and the AlcoHawk PT5000 Breathalyzer. These have a variety of functions such as one touch operation, easy to read displays, audible alerts, computer syncing, and on screen menus. These benefits come at the cost of being more expensive than semiconductor breathalyzers.
Breathalyzer Reviews for Those with Semiconductor Sensors
For diabetics or those on low calorie diets, fuel cell models are not appropriate because they are only the lower end of the spectrum. These breathalyzers cannot distinguish between alcohol and acetone, which is found in higher concentrations for diabetics and low calorie dieters. For these individuals, semiconductor models are more appropriate since they have the ability to distinguish between the two.
Some models of better semiconductor breathalyzers according to breathalyzer reviews include the following:
BACtrack S70
BACtrack S30
BACtrack S50
BACtrack B70
The B70 model uses BACtrack’s BluFire Alcohol Sensing technology that is used to give exact results. Aside from the listed breathalyzer models, there are many other recommended semiconductor models including theAlcohawk Pro Digital Alcohol Tester, Alcohawk ABI Digital Breath Alcohol Tester, Alcomate Prestige AL6000, AlcoScan AL2500 and the Alcomate Premium AL7000.
Breathalyzer Reviews for Other Notable Models
Other notable models of breathalyzers include the BreathKey Key Chain breathalyzer, the AlcoScan and the AL3500 Coin Operated Breathalyzer. The first is a professional grade breathalyzer that uses fuel cell sensors and can easily attach to a key chain. The latter can be attached to a table top or bar. It can be operated in two different modes, either for free or with the use of a coin. This one can allow quick and accurate BAC results for restaurant or bar patrons.