Delaware State DUI Laws

Delaware State DUI Laws

Delaware State DUI Laws

Delaware DUI laws specify 7 offense categories, after which serious consequences will rise to even higher degrees. For first time Delaware DUI offenders, the maximum amount of jail time possible is that of half a year. License suspension varies, however, based upon your blood alcohol concentration at the time. 

If it resides between .08 and .15, suspension will last a year, between .15 and .19, it will last for 18 months, and if greater than .20, suspension will be sustained throughout 2 whole years. In addition, fines will range from $500 to $1,500 with the requirement of completion of a some course or other program related to your offense. 

Second Delaware DUI offenses will a mandatory imprisonment term of 60 days to 18 months. License suspension for blood alcohol concentrations of .08 to .19 will render a time period of 2 years, while concentrations greater than .20 will lead to license suspension for 30 months. Fines will range from $750 to $2,500.

The third Delaware DUI offense will be classified as a "Class 'G' Felony," which will incur a minimum prison term of 1 year, which may extend to 2 years. In terms of license suspension, a blood alcohol concentration level between .08 and .15 will render a time period of 2 years. For the next two levels as specified previously, license suspension will be 30 months and 36 months respectively. Fines will range from $1,500 to $5,000. 

According to Delaware law, the fourth offense will be classified as a "Class 'E' Felony," with minimum prison time being that of 2 year, with the possibility of the upwards of 5 years. License suspension will last a base amount of time of 5 years in spite of blood level concentrations. Fines will be from $3,000 to $7,000. 

For the fifth Delaware DUI offense, it will also be a class E felony. Fines incurred will run between that of $3,500 and $10,000, no more than the maximum amount and no less than the minimum amount. In addition, imprisonment will be no less than that of 3 years, but will not surpass 5 years.

Under Delaware DUI laws, the sixth DUI offense will be classified as a "class 'D' felony." Fines will exist between the limits of $5,000 and $10,000, with prison time also existing within the range of 5 to 8 years, no less than the minimum and no more than the maximum amount. The seventh Delaware DUI offense is categorized as a "class 'C' felony." 

Fines will reside within the confines of the boundaries of no less than $10,000 and no more than $15,000. Prison time will also not fall below that of a decade, but will not exceed 15 years. The amount of potential jail time as well as the amount of fines does, however, pose quite substantial enough numbers to consider prior to violating Delaware DUI laws.




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