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Rhode Island Traffic Fines

Rhode Island Traffic Fines

A Brief Guide to Rhode Island Traffic Fines
The Rhode Island traffic fine system is a unique one designed to keep the roads safe and to make sure that violations are kept to a minimum. However, even though it is designed for user safety, if you’re charged with a traffic violation it can seem that the whole point of Rhode Island traffic fines is to give you a headache while draining your wallet. The good news is that a little research goes a long way toward making the process more comprehensible, and anyone trying to decide whether or not to go to court over a Rhode Island traffic fine should read more about what each violation entails.
A Sampling of Rhode Island Traffic Fines
There can be a large amount of variety in the different Rhode Island traffic fines enforced by the state; some are very large, and others much smaller, though in general they still tend toward the severe-side relative to other states. That’s because Rhode Island doesn’t use a points system with their implied hidden fines, so the cost of a traffic violation have to be made explicit with the Rhode Island traffic fines. Here is a sampling of some typical fines:
Speeding, 1 to 10 miles per hour above the posted speed limit: $85
Speeding, more than 10 miles per hour above the posted speed limit: $195 PLUS $10 for each additional mile over
Failure to properly signal: $75
Ignoring a stop light: $75
Ignoring a stop sign: $75
Losing Your License
Though you don’t have to worry about your Rhode Island traffic fine coming with points, you should still be concerned about the status of your license and whether you’ll be able to drive after pleading guilty to a traffic violation. Several driving violations entitle the court to take away your driving privileges including attempting to evade an officer, operating a vehicle on a bike path, committing vehicular manslaughter, fleeing the scene of an accident in which there was an injury or death, and driving under the influence.
More common is to lose your license because of what’s called “habitual offender” status. Drivers guilty of three or more traffic violations in a three-year period are liable to have their licenses suspended or even revoked as a result.
Driving Under the Influence
The state of Rhode Island takes Driving Under the Influence very seriously. This is reflected in the Rhode Island traffic fines that are given out for it. First-time violators of Driving Under the Influence laws will pay a $100 to $400 Rhode Island traffic fine with a $500 highway safety assignment fee and an additional $86 court fine. Drivers with a Blood Alcohol Content of of .15% or higher will have to pay $500 or more. Punishments get even more severe for second and third-time offenders, with a fine of up to $5000 for individuals with Blood Alcohol Contents of 15% or more.