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What Does A DUI Offense Mean

What Does A  DUI Offense Mean

When a person is arrested for a DUI offense, it means that such individual is accused of either drinking and driving, or driving while under the influence of a controlled substance. The repercussions that occur with a DUI offense will differ on certain factors, such as if it is a first offense, the blood alcohol content level, or if there are illegal drugs present at the time of the arrest. 
However, it can be expected that when a person is arrested for a DUI offense that the person will have to appear in court in order to receive sentencing for the crime. This can result in various situations, such as heavy fines, loss of license, and a criminal record. 
In the circumstance that a particular DUI offense is a second offense or an injury or death occurs as a result, the penalties incurred will prove to be more severe. In the case that a person is seriously injured or killed, the person guilty of the DUI offense is likely to receive some period of imprisonment, regardless is it is a first offense or not.