Background: Driving Under the Influence

Background: Driving Under the Influence

Background: Driving Under the Influence
DUI Records

DUI records refer to the criminal record of individuals that have been convicted of a DUI charge. Depending on which state a person is convicted in, an individual may have the opportunity to have a DUI record expunged after a certain period of time. This will close the DUI records from public viewing, either by physically destroying the record or sealing the record. 
DUI Fines

Being convicted of a DUI violation will bring upon certain legal consequences that will differ from state to state. However, one thing that can be expect as a result of such a charge are hefty DUI fines, which can range from several hundred dollars, to in the thousands of dollars range. 

DUI Statistics

DUI statistics will show that, even though there are strict laws in the United States regarding drinking and driving, almost every American engages in driving under the influence. Even though the dangers have proven to show how fatal DUI is, there are still over two million vehicular accidents a year that are caused due to DUI.

DUI Traffic School

DUI traffic school, also referred to as DUI classes, are either state or DMV-required courses that individuals convicted of a DUI violation must attend as part of the sentencing of the crime, or as necessary undertaking in order to have driving privileges restored. 

DUI and Driving

Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs is conducive to being charged with a DUI violation. Though it may be true that not everyone gets caught, the chances for an arrest are fairly high. That being aside, DUI and driving has much more severe consequences, for it is well document how DUI is a fatal decision. 

DUI Defense

In the case a person is charged with a DUI, an attorney specialized DUI's will usually be required to represent a person arrested on such charges. A skilled attorney will provide for DUI defense that may help lower the accused individual's penalties, particularly in the case of a first offense. 

DUI Manslaughter

DUI manslaughter occurs when an impaired driver causes physical harm to others that result in death of those individuals. A DUI manslaughter charge is considered to be a felony offense in the United States, which can carry high fines, and up to fifteen years imprisonment. 
DUI Arrest Records
Any person that is arrested for DUI will have a DUI arrest record, regardless of whether or not a conviction is made by the courts. DUI arrest records will have information regarding the arrest, such as the location where the person was stopped and the BAC level. Some states allow for DUI arrest records to be expunged, though such privilege varies from state to state.

DUI Information

One of the most important things that a person arrested for a DUI charge can do is to be made fully aware of the copious amounts of DUI that exist, particularly those that pertain to the individual's case. Some of the most important information regarding DUI is in regard to the state laws, possible penalties and fines, and what to do after being convicted of a DUI. 

Jail for DUI

Generally speaking, any person that is arrested for DUI will spend some time in jail, though the amount of time spent in hail will vary on the jurisdiction, the circumstances of the arrest, and if any prior DUI violations are on record. However, in the case of repeat offenses or DUI manslaughter or murder, jail time will prove to be much more serious. 

Alcohol and DUI

Alcohol is known to have biological effects on the human body, such as dizziness, impaired judgment, coordination, and reaction times, and the possibility of aggression. Such effects will have serious implications in the case a person operates a motor vehicle while intoxicated, making such an individual a real hazard on the road. 




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