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What Are The State DUI Laws

What Are The State DUI Laws

DUI laws vary by jurisdiction. In fact, the blood alcohol level required for a DUI charge is lower is some states than in others. In addition, the limit for drugs found in the system, be it prescription or illicit drugs, may also vary.

In most states, the penalties for DUI include a fine, educational classes on the dangers of substance abuse, and a loss of a driver’s license for some set period of time. For first offense DUI cases, the penalties may be lower than those that have been charged with a DUI previously. Contact a DUI lawyer for legal advice and assistance.

In fact, most of the penalties utilized through DUI laws, increase as individuals continue to violate those laws. In fact, many states permanently revoke drivers licenses of individuals caught three times.

DUI laws vary by state but in most cases, the penalties for DUI include large financial penalties, possible jail time and a loss of license.