Alabama Traffic Fines

Alabama Traffic Fines

Alabama Traffic Fines
Guide to Alabama Traffic Fines
When you are found guilty for a civil infraction or misdemeanor traffic charge, you will be given traffic fines.  Alabama traffic fines vary widely by which level of government (state, county, or municipal) is issuing the fine, and can be quite different even in adjacent municipalities.  When you are charged with a traffic offense in Alabama, you should contact your local jurisdiction by telephone to ask them about your fine in particular or what the fine schedule is for traffic infractions.  
You may also wish to visit your local traffic court in person to check local laws and fine schedules that can better inform you of Alabama traffic fines and penalties.  Any numbers found in this guide are averages, but this brief online guide can help you predict roughly what fines you can expect to receive for a particular offense.
Speeding Tickets
One of the most common offenses that may require you to pay Alabama traffic fines is speeding.  If you have traveled over the posted speed limit in Alabama, you are considered guilty whether or not you can show that you were traveling safely.  However, first-time Alabama speeders are lucky, in that the state caps first-time speeding offense Alabama traffic fines at $100.  This prevents municipalities from enacting costly speed traps that could charge you with high fines.
If you have been charged with speeding more than once, or if you have been going at especially high rates of speed, your ticket could be substantially more than $100.  Alabama traffic fines may be combined with misdemeanor charges for reckless driving if you are speeding dangerously.
Running Stop Signs/Stop Lights
If you ran a red light or stop sign, a common occurrence, you may just be required to go to traffic school in order for the judge to dismiss your ticket.  This is especially likely if the offense appeared to be unintentional and you did not endanger other drivers or cause an accident.  
If you are not able to use traffic school as a means to dismiss your ticket, you may be subject to Alabama traffic fines of up to $155 and could even have your license suspended.  This is much more likely to happen if you have received multiple tickets for this or other traffic offenses in the past.  If you appeared to have run the stop sign or red light intentionally, or caused an accident, you may also be charged with other criminal charges that would require serving jail time as well as paying Alabama traffic fines.
Driving With A Suspended License
Drivers who are caught driving with a suspended license may be penalized by Alabama traffic fines of up to $500 and up to 6 months' jail time.  Your vehicle will also be impounded.  These penalties are high, and would likely only be for a habitual offender or reckless driver being charged with other crimes as well.  If you are facing this charge for the first time, you will face substantially lower Alabama traffic fines and it is unlikely you will go to jail.




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