Maryland DUI Laws

Maryland DUI Laws

Maryland DUI Laws


Just as all states have lowered the blood alcohol content for a DUI charge, Maryland DUI laws specify that anything at or above .08 BAC are above the legal limit. DUI or driving under the influence is a severe crime that carries with it strict consequences and penalties. 

Sometimes referred to as DWI in some states, Maryland DUI or DWI statute calls for two distinct definitions for their terms. Also similar to the majority of the United States, Maryland law on DUI calls for much stricter penalties for repeat offenders. In addition to DUI, Maryland also charges drivers with a BAC of .07 with a charge of DWI, or driving while impaired.

Maryland DUI Laws:

First Offense–Maryland DUI penalties call for a possible jail sentence of up to one year, with a possibility of an additional year if the driver is transporting a minor. In addition to possible jail time, a Maryland DUI carries with it a minimum six month license suspension and fines up to one-thousand dollars and two-thousand if transporting a minor. 

Second Offense–If a driver is arrested for a second offense, Maryland DUI laws call for imprisonment for up to two years, and three if the driver is caught transporting a minor. Also, the driver will lose their license for a year if the second charge was within five years of the first, or a possible ignition interlock program after a month and a half of no license. Fines for a second Maryland DUI offense can be up to two-thousand dollars, or three-thousand if transporting a minor.

Third Offense–Maryland DUI laws call for a third tier punishment for a 3-time offender. A Maryland DUI charge for a third offense call for jail up to three years–with an additional one if transporting a minor–and fines that can approach up to three-thousand dollars, four if transporting a minor. Maryland DUI penalties also states that a driver will lose their license for a minimum year and a half.

Similar to a Maryland DUI offense, state law calls for a separate charge of DWI for a BAC of .07. A DWI first offense calls for jail up to two months (six if driving a minor), a six month minimum license suspension, and fines up to five-hundred dollars (possible up to one-thousand if with a minor). 

Again like Maryland DUI laws, a second DWI carries stricter penalties than the first. These include imprisonment for up to one year, a suspended license for a one-year minimum, and fines that can be up to five-hundred dollars (two-thousand if driving a minor).

Maryland does not charge drivers with aggravated DUI's if they are a certain amount over .08. However, commercial drivers are only permitted a BAC of .04 and drivers under the age of 21 can be charged with a BAC higher than .02. Maryland DUI laws also enumerate that a refusal of an alcohol or drug test can carry with it charges almost identical to that of a DUI. 


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