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Vermont Traffic Fines

Vermont Traffic Fines

Vermont Traffic Law
Vermont traffic fines carry heavy penalties and large amounts of surcharges.  Fine can range depending on the type of violation, the number of violations you’ve had in the past, and the area of where the violation occurred.  Vermont traffic fines carry points as well, and although these points reduce every year, the VT traffic fine stays on your state record forever.  As a citizen, you have the right to appeal any violation and stand before a judge.
Point System
As mentioned above, VT traffic fines carry points as well.  The list below reflects the points given to each offense:
1) Speeding- 2 to 8 points depending on degree of speed
2) Texting while driving- 2 to 5 points
3) Driving without a license- 2 points
4) Failure to stop at stop sign or red light- 2 points
5) Failure to obey officer- 4 points
6) Failure to yield for emergency vehicle- 5 points
7) Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk- 4 points
8) Failure to stop for flashing school bus- 5 points
If you acquire 10 points or more, the state will suspend your license.  
Vermont Traffic Fines
VT traffic fines vary greatly depending on the extent of the violation and how many violations you’ve had in the past.  You can receive a minimum penalty, a maximum penalty, a penalty in between, and a surcharge attached to every fine.  If you want to reference a detailed and complete list of all Vermont traffic fines, you should visit the state’s official Waiver and Penalty Schedule.  The values listed below are the minimum waiver values for each Vermont traffic fine:
1) Parking in handicapped space- fine of $271
2) Failure to obey an officer- fine of $329
3) Failure to obey persons riding animals- fine of $156
4) Failure to obey traffic control signals- fine of $214
5) Failure to obey pedestrian control signal- fine of $214
6) Failure to drive to the right- fine of $214
7) Passing on the right- fine of $214
8) Improperly passing- fine of $156
9) Passing in no passing zone- fine of $214
10) Throwing object at other driver- fine of $386
11) Following too closely- fine of $271
12) Passing a school bus with flashers on- fine of $243
13) Texting while driving- fine of $156 for first offense and $329 for second offense
14) Backing up on highway- fine of $214
15) Following fire truck within 500 ft- fine of $156
16) Obstructing windshield- fine of $156
17) Driving on sidewalk- fine of $214
18) Consuming alcohol while driving- fine of at least $444
19) Open container of driver or passenger- fine of $70
20) Trespassing and causing property damage- fine of $243
21) Improper headgear for motorcycle- fine of $156
22) Failure to use seatbelt- fine of $25 for first offense, $50 for second offense, and $100 for third offense
23) Traveling too slowly- fine of $214
24) Excessive speed over bridge- fine of $99