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Utah Traffic Fines

Utah Traffic Fines

Utah Traffic Law
The state of Utah has some of the most complex and detailed laws in the country.  Utah traffic fines are slightly lower compared to other states, but fines can drastically increase because of certain circumstances like second offenses or fines involving multiple violations at one time.  However, Utah traffic fines can drastically increase because of surcharges involved in each type of fine.  
In all cases, a 35% or 90% surcharge is added onto each fine depending on the severity of the Utah traffic fines.  If you are convicted of performing a traffic violation, you have the right to appeal the fine in front of a judge.  If you have few offenses in the past, a judge is more likely to reduce the fine and reduce the number of points you receive on your license.  
Utah Traffic Fines
The following list of Utah traffic fines is not complete, and for a complete list of all laws and fines, you should visit the State of Utah’s Uniform Fine/Bail –Forfeiture Schedule.  The list is very long and very detailed, and contains some of the following laws and UT Traffic fine.  The UT traffic fines also change according to where the offense takes place, such as a school zone or construction zone.  
1) Speeding- 1 to 10 equals $90; 11 to 15 equals $115; 16 to 20 equals $165; 21 to 25 equals $240; 26 to 30 equals $340; 31 and over equals $440 and $10 for every mph over 31
2) Operating vehicle without insurance- fine of $400 and may be dismissed upon later proof of valid insurance
3) Providing false insurance- fine of $400
4) Operating vehicle without license or registration- fine of $75
5) Failure to file new registration- fine of $40
6) Using plates registered to another vehicle- fine of $100
7) Abuse of disabilities parking privileges- fine of $100
8) Passing vehicle at a marked crosswalk- fine of $270
9) Failure to yield for blind pedestrian- fine of $75
10) Passing school bus with flashers on- fine of $140 for first offense, $240 for second offense, and $540 for third offense in three years
11) Parking within crosswalk- fine of $25
12) Removal of unattended vehicle without authority- fine of $270
13) Improper notice of booting vehicle- $270
14) Failure to turn on headlights- fine of $40
15) Tail light violation- fine of $40
16) Vehicle mirrors missing- $40 for each mirror
17) Window tint violation- fine of $50
18) Sale of vehicle with excessive tint- fine of $135
19) Backing on highway- fine of $140
20) Improper of opening door- $40
21) Enter intersection without enough space- fine of $90
22) Littering- fine of at least $310
23) Illegal dumping- fine of at least $310
24) Throwing lighted material from vehicle- fine of $310
25) Careless driving- fine of $310
26) Texting while driving- fine of $310
27) Failure to wear seatbelt- fine of $45
28) Failure to remain at scene of accident- fine of $595