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Utah DUI Laws

Utah DUI Laws

Utah DUI laws are fairly standard when it comes to setting time periods of license suspension and possible jail time. However, a Utah DUI charge is more likely than many other states to result in the forced completion of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, depending on the circumstances of the Utah DUI charge.

According to Utah DUI laws, a first offense results in a minimum of two days in jail, a two day work service program or home confinement. The period of home confinement is up to the courts to decide and is monitored through an electronic device. 

Utah DUI laws also require that an individual pay a minimum fine of $700. A driver convicted of a Utah DUI must have their license suspended for at least six months. An individual may be required to attend treatment and be monitored for alcohol and drug use no matter what number Utah DUI offense it is.

A second Utah DUI offense carries a fine of $800. Utah law DUI may make it a requirement for the driver to spend 240 hours in jail or in a work service program. Again, the use of an electronic monitoring bracelet may be used to make sure an individual is confined to their home. The driver may have their license suspended for two years. 

If the individual's second Utah DUI offense is within ten years of their first Utah DUI offense, they will be required to use an ignition interlock device for three years. Drug and alcohol screening programs may also need to be completed before a driver charged with a Utah DUI can get their license back.

The third Utah DUI offense carries the same penalties as the first two, except with different fines and jail times. One must serve at least 1500 hours in jail or in a work service program. According to Utah DUI laws, the driver must also pay a fine of $1500 for their third Utah DUI offense. These fines do not include any legal fees that an individual may have to pay.

Utah DUI laws and penalties are similar to those in most states, although there is a higher likelihood that the individual charged with a Utah DUI will have to attend a drug and alcohol awareness program. These programs were designed to educate individuals on the risks of drinking while driving or doing drugs.