Puerto Rico Traffic Fines

Puerto Rico Traffic Fines

Puerto Rico Traffic Fines
Guide to Puerto Rico Traffic Fines
While in most states, traffic fines are set by municipal authorities and can vary significantly depending on jurisdiction, PR traffic fines are set by the territory.  Understanding Puerto Rico traffic fines can help you avoid a costly ticket.  This guide will explain some of the PR traffic fines that can be expected for both non-moving and moving violations.  If you want to fight your Puerto Rico traffic fines or learn more information about territorial traffic laws, you may want to consult with a defense lawyer.
Puerto Rico Traffic Fines for Parking Violations
While the largest PR traffic fines are reserved for moving violations, parking infractions can also result in substantial penalties.  Parking on a pedestrian walkway or in a loading/unloading zone will lead to Puerto Rico traffic fines of $25, while parking in front of a fire hydrant, fire station, bus stop, or on a curb will net a $50 fine.
The steepest PR traffic fines for non-moving violations are reserved for those who pretend to be having an emergency while parking (for instance, to get out of another traffic fine).  Lying about an emergency in order to park somewhere can net you Puerto Rico traffic fines of up to $100.
Puerto Rico Traffic Fines for Speeding
It is fairly easy to compute the PR traffic fines that you will be charged if you're caught speeding.  The speeding ticket itself is a baseline of $50, and $5 is added to your Puerto Rico traffic fines for every mile per hour you drove in excess of the posted speed limit.  In some circumstances, these PR traffic fines can be even higher.  For example, speeding in a school zone is punishable by $250 Puerto Rico traffic fines, and drivers who go 100 mph or more are considered reckless and will be assessed with a $500 fine.
Puerto Rico Traffic Fines for DUI
Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense, and you can expect some heavy PR traffic fines if you are charged with a DUI.  The first time that you are convicted of driving under the influence, you will be liable for paying $300-500 in Puerto Rico traffic fines.  Additionally, you can expect your license to be suspended for a minimum of 30 days.  Second DUI offenses require you to pay even higher PR traffic fines of $500-700, and additional offenses will be charged a $700-1000 fine.  Second and third-time DUI offenders can also expect jail time as a penalty for their drunk driving.
If you cause an accident that hurts someone while driving under the influence, you may not only be assessed Puerto Rico traffic fines in the amount of $1000-5000, you may also be charged with a felony and be required to serve up to 3 years in prison.
Other Puerto Rico Traffic Fines
Driving without a license will net traffic fines of $100 in Puerto Rico, as will letting someone drive your vehicle who is not licensed.  Just leaving your license at home could be a $25 fine if you're pulled over, and driving with an expired license will cost $50.




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