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Idaho Traffic Fines

Guide to Idaho Traffic Fines
If you have been pulled over and ticketed in Idaho, you may be wondering how much money you're going to owe.  Idaho traffic fines are usually quite reasonable, especially for first-time offenders, and you may have less cause to worry than you might think.  This will be a guide for you to understand the range of fines that can be imposed by Idaho police officers and what offenses are prosecuted not as civil infractions but as much more serious misdemeanors.
It is important to keep in mind that the information in this guide, unless otherwise stated, applies to first-time offenders only, and only those who have not aggravated their offense by endangering other people or causing a traffic accident.  If you have been charged with additional traffic offenses, you may wish to consult a lawyer to understand what Idaho traffic fines you may be required to pay.
Civil Infractions Versus Misdemeanors
Most of the time, if you are pulled over for a basic traffic offense in Idaho, you will be ticketed for committing a civil infraction.  Civil infractions are less serious than criminal charges, and carry significantly less severe consequences.  While your insurance rates may go up and you will likely be assessed both Idaho traffic fines and license points, you will not go to jail if you are charged with a civil infraction.
Misdemeanors, on the other hand, carry the possibility of jail time.  While it is unlikely that a first-time offender will be given jail time for many misdemeanor offenses, habitual or repeat offenders, as well as people who are charged with very serious misdemeanors like DUI, are likely to be required to serve some time in jail in addition to paying Idaho traffic fines.
Speeding Tickets
Idaho's speeding ticket laws are relatively lenient compared to many other states.  While in some other states, speeding tickets can cost up to $1000, in Idaho they're a relative bargain, topping out at $100.  Most states double speeding tickets in work zones, even when workers are not present, but in Idaho speeding through a construction zone will only net you $50 extra in Idaho traffic fines.
You may be charged a significantly higher fine if you are charged with driving recklessly.  Reckless driving is a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to 90 days in jail and up to a $300 fine.  You may be charged for reckless driving for violating the speed limit by a large amount.
Other Moving Violations
Most other moving violations in the state of Idaho are penalized with Idaho traffic fines ranging from $10 to around $140, and where your fine will fall depends entirely on the officer's discretion.  Some towns may charge fines closer to the low end of the range, while other towns that depend largely on traffic fines for police funding may charge fines closer to the top of the range.  You will be assessed with Idaho traffic fines and points on your license for these civil infractions.