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DUI Probation At A Glance

DUI Probation At A Glance

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a very severe offense in all states throughout the United States. Not only does driving while intoxicated threaten an individual's health and well being, but it also endangers the lives of other people. If an individual is caught driving while under the influence, he/she can be punished in a variety of different ways. When an individual is charges with a DUI, it will be categorized as either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending upon the specific circumstances surrounding his/her arrest. Contact a DUI lawyer to consult your case.

The punishment for a felony DUI will generally be more severe that the punishment for a misdemeanor. In some instances, an individual will be required to spend time in jail. Fines, community service, mandatory attendance at substance abuse meetings and license suspension are also common punishments for DUI charges. Occasionally, an individual will not receive any of these punishments, and instead, he/she will be placed on DUI probation. 

The DUI probation period varies from one state to another and differs depending upon the specific circumstances of an individual's case. It is often provided as punishment for a misdemeanor charge, and may range from a few months to a year. If the DUI charge was more serious, DUI probation may endure for several years. 

During this period, an individual is expected to maintain superior behavior and avoid any type of criminal activity. If he/she does violate the law, he/she will be subject to more serious punishments, including large fines and jail time. The specifications of an individual's probation will differ from one case to another, and therefore, it is important for an individual to completely understand all conditions of his/her probation.