Driver License Renewal

Driver License Renewal

Driver License Renewal
Guide to Easy Driver License Renewal
Renewing your driver's license has gotten much easier recently in many states.  Online programs and streamlined processes for driver license renewal have made it faster and simpler to renew, and some states have even removed obstacles to renewal.  For instance, the state of New York recently decided to allow drivers to certify that their eyesight is sufficient to operate a vehicle, rather than providing vision tests to all drivers in the state seeking driver license renewal.  This guide will help you understand how to prepare your documents and renew your driver's license.  Because each state's laws about driver license renewal are different, this guide will instruct you as to how to find the information you need using your state's Department of Motor Vehicles office.
Online Options
More states each year are allowing driver license renewal to be done online, in the comfort of your own home.  There is generally no disadvantage to renewing your license online, and it can be a good way to avoid the hassle and lines of appearing in person at the DMV.
You can check online to see whether your state allows online renewals.  Some states only allow driver license renewal online for drivers who have been very safe and have not received any traffic tickets.  People whose driving record is less safe, as well as older drivers, may have to appear in person to renew even in states where online renewal is an option for some drivers.
Renewing In Person
While DMV lines and officials can seem difficult to deal with, using the internet can make your visit for a driver license renewal easier even in states that don't offer online renewal options.  This is because much of the time, frustration at the DMV is caused by drivers not understanding your state's particular rules and requirements for renewal.
Checking the DMV requirements and hours online can help you to get your license renewed with a minimum of effort and frustration.  Some states may even allow you to schedule an appointment at your local DMV, reducing your wait times and allowing you to skip the long lines.
Taking Driver's Tests
Depending on whether you have committed any driving violations, you may have a greater chance of being required to take an examination before you can have your driver's license renewed.  You may be required to take a written exam that asks about various traffic laws and signals, or you might have to take the driving examination again, in which an examiner watches your actual driving skills.
Required Documentation
When you initially get a driver's license, you will be required generally to present multiple pieces of identification, often including a birth certificate, passport, or social security card.  However, when you renew, most of these identification requirements are waived, and you can typically just use one or two pieces of documentation that prove your identity.  Your state's DMV office can tell you which documents are required for your renewal and help you to understand the identification requirements you will have to abide by.




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