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Wisconsin Traffic Fines

Wisconsin Traffic Fines

Wisconsin Traffic Law
Wisconsin traffic fines are slightly higher than most other states throughout the country.  The WI traffic fines aren’t always initially high, but after all of the surcharges the state places on each penalty, the fines amount to considerable amounts.  WI traffic fines can increase depending on 9 different surcharges, and the amounts of the fines and surcharges depends greatly upon where the violation occurred and how many violations you’ve had in the past.  If you are facing a Wisconsin traffic fine, you have the ability to appeal the action and testify in front of a judge.  However, if you choose to appeal, you should prepare for even more surcharges.  
Surcharges on Wisconsin Traffic Fines
As stated above, your fines may have different surcharges placed on them.  The following list contains surcharges within WI:
1) Court Support Services Fee- this fee of $68 covers county court costs
2) Court Cost- about $25
3) Crime Lab and Drug Assessment Fee- $13 for state’s crime lab activities
4) Penalty Assessment- 26% of base Wisconsin traffic fine
5) Jail Assessment- 1% of base deposit if the fine is large and the surcharge funds county jail repairs
6) Justice Information System Fee- $21.50 and funds the criminal justice computer system
7) Railroad Crossing Improvement Assessment- 50% of base fine relating to railroad penalties and helps the railroad install protective equipment
8) Driver Improvement Surcharge- $365 for all DUI penalties and funds future driver improvement programs
9) Truck Driver Education Fee- $8 and helps fund education for commercial truck drivers
Wisconsin Traffic Fines
If you want a detailed and complete list of all Wisconsin traffic fines and violations, you should visit the State of Wisconsin’s Revised Uniform State Traffic Deposit Schedule.  Below is a list of some common Wisconsin traffic fine and violations, and the amount is based upon a total amount after all surcharges:
1) Failure to obey officer- up to $175 and up to $213 for 2nd violation in one year
2) Driving left of center lane- up to $213
3) Failure for slow car to keep right- up to $213
4) Failure to yield to passing vehicle- up to $232
5) Unsafe passing on right- up to $232
6) Passing into oncoming traffic- up to $326
7) Passing in no passing zone- up to $213
8) Following too closely- up to $200
9) Traveling wrong way on divided highway- up to $326
10) Illegal entrance on divided highway- up to $263
11) Failure to yield for pedestrian- up to $175 and $213 for second offense in one year
12) Improper right turn- up to $175 and $213 for second offense in one year
13) Illegally backing up on highway- up to $175
14) Failure to stop at stop sign- up to $175
15) Failure to stop for school crossing guard- up to $188
16) Failure to stop 10-30 feet from railroad crossing- up to $208 
17) Handicap parking violations- up to $264
18) Stopping/Standing on highway by grade school- up to $154