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West Virginia Traffic Fines

West Virginia Traffic Fines

West Virginia Traffic Law
West Virginia traffic fines compare closely to nearby states like Virginia.  WV traffic fine are commonly perceived as heavy, and the number of points associated with different kinds of violations can put many drivers in danger of losing their license.  Additionally, West Virginia traffic fines greatly vary in number because the amount is influenced by the number of points you receive, the manner and conditions in which you were driving, and the area you were driving.  As in any other state, you have the right to appeal a WV traffic fine and stand before a judge.  
Point System
Most West Virginia traffic fines come with points as well.  If your points accumulate too fast within a given time period, you may have your license suspended.  Accordingly, if you acquire 12 to 13 points in 30 days, 14-15 points in 45 days, 16-17 points in 60 days, 18-19 points in 90 days, or simply 20+ points overall, your license will most likely be suspended.  The following contains different violations with different degrees of points.  This is not a complete list, but it covers most of the offenses listed on the government transportation website of West Virginia:
Fleeing a police officer- 8 points
Hit and Run/Leaving the scene- 6 points
Speeding in a school zone- 6 points
Reckless driving- 6 points
Speeding 15 mile per hour or more above speed limit- 5 points
Lane violations- 3 points
Speeding 10 to 14 miles per hour over speed limit- 3 points
Driving wrong way on one-way street- 3 points
Driving too fast for conditions- 3 points
Failure to yield in any condition- 3 points
Failure to obey traffic light or sign- 3 points
Failure to observe safety zone- 3 points
Careless driving- 3 points
Passing violations- 3 points
Littering- 3 points
Improper turning/backing- 2 points
Traveling to slow- 2 points
Improper entering onto highway- 2 points
Improper lights- 2 points
Following too closely- 2 points
Not using signals- 2 points
More than three passengers in front seat- 2 points
Speeding 5 to 9 miles per hour over speed limit
Failure to possess license- 2 points
Joyriding- 2 points
West Virginia traffic fines vary greatly depending on the offense, and some limits for WV traffic fines are not specified by government websites.  Below is a list of more West Virginia traffic fines:
1) Speeding- 1st offense no more than $100, 2nd offense within a year no more than $200, 3rd offense within two years no more than $500
2) Speeding in school zone- $100 to $500
3) Speeding in construction zone- no more than $200
4) Racing on highway- 1st offense no more than $50 to $100, 2nd offense no more than $50 to $500, subsequent offense from $100 to $1,000 1st offense doesn’t carry imprisonment, but the 2nd offense carries imprisonment up to 60 days and more offenses carry imprisonment up to 4 months