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Washington Traffic Fines

Washington Traffic Fines

Washington Traffic Law
Washington traffic fines closely reflect those of other states.  The state is considered a bit lenient with fines, but some of the state’s fines are heavy.  Washington traffic fines depend on the location of the violation, the number of violations you’ve had in the past, and other conditions surrounding the time of the incident.  As in other states, you have the right to appeal any Washington traffic fine, and you will be ordered to stand in front of a judge and testify.  If you’ve had few violations in the past and your violation was less serious, you have a better chance of having your WA traffic fine reduced.
Probation and Serious Offenses
If you are accused of four traffic violations within a year, your license will be suspended and you’ll be put on probation.  If you accrue five Washington traffic fines within 2 years, you will also face probation.  Some violations are minor, but other violations can result in immediate suspension of your license, including:
• Attempting to elude police
• Certain degrees of reckless driving
• Racing
• Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
• Leaving the scene of an accident without proper procedure
• Accusation of not carrying car insurance
WA Traffic Fines
There are Washington traffic fines associated with every degree of violation.  In order to find a complete list of all violations and WA traffic fines, you should visit the Washington Court’s official website and view the complete Monetary Penalty Schedule for Infractions.  The list below is by no means a complete list of all violations and Washington traffic fines:
1) Speeding- 1 to 10 over equals $124; 11 to 15 equals $154; 16 to 20 equals $195; 21 to 30 equals $247; 31 and over equals at least $300
2) Failure to drive on right side of road- fine of $124
3) Improper passing- fine of $124
4) Following too close- fine of $124
5) Entering highway in unauthorized roadway- fine of $216
6) Failure to yield at Right of Way- fine of $124
7) Failure to stop at stop sign- fine of $124
8) Failure to yield to emergency vehicle- fine of $1,062
9) Failure to yield to a pedestrian crosswalk- fine of $210
10) Illegal U-Turn- fine of $124
11) Failure to stop at railroad crossing- fine of $124
12) Passing a stopped school bus- fine of $394
13) Failure to stop for school patrol- fine of $216
14) Racing- fine of $500
15) Driving on sidewalk- fine of $124
16) Depositing of debris on highway- fine of $216
17) Cell phone use while driving- $124
18) Driving on improved shoulder- fine of $124
19) Exceeding maximum school zone speed- fine of $189
20) Impeding traffic- fine of $124
21) DUI- fine of at least $500
22) Open container- fine of $124
23) Vehicular assault and homicide- fine of at least $5,000
24) Operating motorcycle in between lanes of traffic- fine of $124