Texas Traffic Fines

Texas Traffic Fines

Texas Traffic Fines
Quick Guide to Texas Traffic Law
The state of Texas has both strict and lenient traffic laws compared to other states around the country.  Texas traffic fines are heavy and fairly low depending on the type of violation, but the fines can usually greatly increase because of a second offense for the same violations or because of several different offenses at the same time.  Many of the fines come with numerous surcharges and taxes as well.  
In most cases, surcharges are added to fines in order to fund court costs, filing charges, and other charges that may go towards state rehabilitation centers or similar organizations.  If you are convicted on a traffic violation, you have the right to appeal the fine in front of a judge at a county court.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding the traffic violation, a judge may reduce the value of the fine and the number of points you received on your license.  
Texas Traffic Fines
The following list of Texas traffic fines is not a complete list of all traffic violations.  Texas traffic fines can even vary from county to county, but the fines are usually close in value.  The severity of the Texas traffic fine can also increase depending on where you received the fine, the number of similar fines you’ve had in the past and other aspects as well.  The following fines are subject to the state of Texas:
1) Speeding in Posted Zone- 1 to 5 over equals $170; 6 to 9 over equals $180; 10 to 14 over equals $200; 15-19 over equals $245; 20 to 20 over equals $265; 30 or more over equals $300
2) Speeding in School Zone- 1 to 5 over equals $220; 6 to 9 over equals $235; 10 to 14 over equals $250; 15 to 19 over equals $270; 20 to 29 over equals $295; 30 or more over equals $325
3) Running a red light or stop sign- $235 fine
4) Failure to obey must turn sign- $180 fine
5) Unsafely changing lanes- $185 fine
6) Driving at night without lights- $180 fine
7) HOV lane violations- $170 fine
8) No registration receipt for commercial truck- $155 fine
9) Adult not wearing seat belt- $150 fine
10) Adult of commercial vehicle not wearing seatbelt- $210 fine
11) Child safety violation for the first time- $125 fine
12) Child safety violation for the second time- $225 fine
13) All moving violations associated with an accident- $270 fine
14) Open container of alcohol in vehicle- $270 fine
15) Possession of fireworks- $817 fine
16) No driver’s license (including no motorcycle endorsement)- $195 fine
17) No vehicle inspection sticker (n/a for commercial vehicle)- $130 fine
18) No vehicle registration (n/a for commercial driver)- $130 fine
19) Failure to change address on driver’s license- $105 fine
20) Defective Equipment Violations (n/a for commercial vehicle)- $130 fine
21) First offense for no auto liability insurance- $260 fine
22) Second offense for no auto liability insurance- $470 fine




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