Blood Alcohol Content Quick Overvew of BAC

Quick Overvew of BAC

Quick Overvew of BAC

Blood Alcohol Content Background

Blood Alcohol Content, commonly abbreviated as BAC, is the amount of concentration of alcohol in an individual’s blood stream. Blood Alcohol Content is usually used for the purpose of determining the level of intoxication of a person due to the consumption of alcohol for legal and medical purposes. 
Blood Alcohol Level Chart
A blood alcohol level chart refers to a chart that contains various blood alcohol levels as determined by a person’s sex, weight, and amount of alcohol consumption. The blood alcohol levels are determined by a specific formula, and are represented in a graph form in order to provide for a much easier method in determining a person’s BAC.

Blood Alcohol Level Calculator

A blood alcohol level calculator usually refers to a blood alcohol level chart, though it can also refer to the specific formula that is used to determine an individual’s blood alcohol content. The formula will prove to be fairly complex, particularly in determining the percentage of alcohol that is involved, due to the various concentrations found in the many types of alcohol. 
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