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Tennessee Traffic Fines

Tennessee Traffic Fines

Tennessee Traffic Law
Tennessee Traffic Fines detailed laws concerning the operation of vehicles and other rules of the road.  Most Tennessee Traffic Fines fall under a Class C misdemeanor, but some violations do stand as Class B and Class C violations.  
Criminal Penalty
The fines vary according to the degree of misdemeanor.  In Tennessee, the following penalties are associated with different misdemeanors:
Class A TN Traffic Fines
Up to 11 and a half months of incarceration and fine of $1,500
Class B in TN Traffic Fines
Up to six months of incarceration and fine of $500
Class C in TN Traffic Fines
Up to 30 days in jail and fine of $50
Tennessee Point System
Tennessee traffic fines come with different degrees of points.  If you acquire 12 points in any one-year period, you may lose you license.  The following lists of violations are mostly Class C violations and come with distinct point values:
1) Speeding- 1 to 5 over equals 1 point; 6 to 15 over equals 3 points; 16 to 25 over equals 4 points; 26 to 35 over equals 5 points; 36 to 45 over equals 6 points, 46 or over equals 8 points. Point increase if speeding in construction zone. 
2) Operating without license- if your license is suspended, you will receive at least 8 points and the crime is a Class B Misdemeanor 
3) Operating special vehicle without require license- 8 points regardless if your license is suspended or not
4) Driving While Impaired- up to 8 points
5) Reckless endangerment- at least 8 points
6) Passing school bus taking or letting off passenger- at least 6 points
7) Fleeing Law Enforcement- at least 6 points 
8) Leaving Scene of Accident with property damage only- up to 5 points
9) Failure to Obey Traffic Signs or Control Devices- up to 4 points
10) Improper Passing and Passing where Prohibited- up to 4 points
11) Driving the wrong way or on wrong side of the road- up to 4 points
12) Failure of Right of Way- up to 4 points
13) Careless of Negligent Driving- up to 4 points
14) Violation of Bumper Law- up to 4 points
15) Following Improperly- up to 3 points
16) Making Improper Turn- up to 3 points
17) Driving Under Posted Minimum Speed- up to 3 points
18) Failure to Maintain Change of Vehicle Direction- up to 2 points
19) Failure to Maintain Control- up to 3 points
20) Unlawfully Following Emergency Vehicles- at least 2 points
21) Failure to Report Accident- at least 4 points
22) Contributing to an Accident Causing Death- at least 8 points
23) Contributing to an Accident Causing Injury- at least 4 points
The Tennessee traffic fines listed above are not a complete list of all traffic violations within the state.  If you want a complete and detailed list of all Tennessee traffic fines, you should visit the state’s official judiciary website and official DMV website.  
Additionally, you always have the right to appeal a traffic fine in the state of Tennessee.  There are usually costs associated to court costs, but you may be able to reduce the number of points on your license.